I was an Emerging 20 Top Artist

I was selected as a Top 20 New Emerging ArtistReelWorldParty by the ReelWorld Film Festival’s Emerging 20 Program for 2010. It is held at the Indie Film Lounge which the ReelWorld Film Festival hosts during TIFF each year. The program sets us up with great meetings at the lounge during the Toronto International Film Festival.

It’s a great program that opens doors, and helps us make some great industry connections with the face to face meetings. I really enjoyed the program, which also had some prep days at the end of August, and I’ve kept in touch with other E20 participants and the contacts I made during the event.

More about the program from the ReelWorld Website:

Each Summer, emerging producers, directors, screenwriters and actors submit their profiles and projects to ReelWorld and through a competitive selections process each summer, ReelWorld selects 20 as IFL participants known as The Emerging 20 (E20). Our E20 enjoy the opportunity of a lifetime as they meet with industry professionals during our cocktail reception, followed by a morning of one-on-one Face2Face meetings with our industry Mentors and an afternoon of Panels and Case Studies. We are so grateful to our Mentors who have graciously donated their time and expertise for a day of mentoring sessions.

In order to prepare for their Face2Face sessions with our Mentors during the Indie Film Lounge, the Emerging 20 participate in two workshops held in late August/beginning of September. These workshops are called ReelPrep. These workshops are an opportunity for the E20 to ask questions and work together with the Facilitators to improve on their overall verbal pitching skills and techniques through practice and critiques.

During the ReelPrep sessions, many topics and issues relating to the film industry are discussed. ReelPrep focuses on the following key elements, which we think are important for the creative and personal growth of the Emerging 20 and any new artist:

* Synopsis Development
* How to take a meeting
* How to present yourself
* How to present your work
* Marketing and Distribution
* Film Financing and Production

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Working with Chris as both a performer, and again as an artist can only be defined in two words: Consummate Professional. As a Film Director, Chris delivers on all levels, from managing full cast and crew, maintaining positivity and an infectious enthusiasm for his craft, overseeing all stages of production. He is clearly able to express his ideas to me as when he commissioned me to render the concept illustrations for his film, and again for the DVD art. I had the honour of performing for Chris in one of his films, and have brought him on board my own. It is my sincere hope that my working relationship with Chris Green will not come to an end.

Dany Gehchan

“Chris is an extremely dedicated worker, and someone I can count on for terrific results. On one of our shoots, we were tremendously behind schedule. Chris was the Director of Photography for the pr...oduction and he lit scenes quick, with good results and helped us get back on track. He took great direction and helped save the production from a disaster. I look forward to working with Chris throughout my career.” - May 30, 2010

Nic Izzi
Reconstructed Media